Rope / High Level access solutions to its customers from the year 2000 onwards

Being a full member of IRATA, with our highly skilled, certified work force, Trustwell is capable of doing any high risk jobs which has to be performed at any difficult heights. We are highly experienced in conducting façade cleaning and Façade maintenance works for the highest and prominent towers like 23 Marina (392.8 Meters), Elite residence (381 meters), Index Towers (326 meters), The Address downtown (302 meters) and much more other towers across the UAE. We provide wide range of services for maintaining the building facades.

We carry out the jobs at difficult heights with the help of various access methods like Rope access, BMU/ Cradle access, MEWP’s (Spider lift, Boom lift) and scaffolding etc.

ACP & Cladding

Facade claddings like ACPs, stone claddings are frequently used for external cladding or..

Facade Washing

Facade washing or the pressure washing method is fast and environmentally friendly..

Facade Cleaning

Facade is exposed to the ravages of environment and weather, such as rain, dust..

Facade Inspection

Building facade inspection is a proactive method to identify damages in the facade..

Air Leakage Rectification

Air leakages to building units can be caused by many factors, which require investigation...

Facade Sealant Application

Trust well team perform the sealant work for your building facade to protect the internal..

Water Leakage Rectification

There has been a steady increase in demand for services related to evaluating uncontrolled..

Aircraft Warning Light Fixing

We are the experts in providing all types of warning light. We have no access barriers as..